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Welcome to Counselling With EN
Hello and welcome to Counselling With EN.

EN stands for Ebo Nwosu and I am a highly skilled, compassionate, and empathetic professional Counsellor who is dedicated to providing a high quality but affordable counselling service to support individuals and couples seeking help with their emotional or psychological needs.

My aim is to provide you with a safe space to share and to work through whatever is troubling you whether it is Personal, Professional, or Family Relationships.

My service offers complete Confidentiality and my goal is to help you to help yourself feel better, stronger and more confident so that you will be able to address your fears, build stronger relationships, and, begin to move forward.

With Counselling with EN you will be assured of a sensitive and reassuring welcome in a gentle and safe practice with traditional therapy and creative techniques for you to gently discover, heal and apply choices. You will be provided with the space to build and gain an inner peace and overcome negative emotions that can overwhelm your wellbeing.

Counselling with EN allows you to be heard without feeling judged whilst working towards a more positive and hopeful future.

Some people think it is a brave move to come to counselling, but most individuals and couples agree that it was one of the best moves they had ever made.
Experienced in
Couple Counselling
1 – 1 Individual Counselling
Relationship Issues
Same Sex Relationships
Substance Misuse
Feeling ‘Stuck’
When Might We Need Counselling?
  • Cannot find a solution to a problem.
  • Problems with relationships.
  • Difficulties in relating to family members.
  • Feeling Emotional and Anxious.
  • Problems that you cannot control but need to know how.
  • Something is stopping you from being yourself or feeling good about life.
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Phone No. : 07593 569 404
Email: ENfirst@outlook.com

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